Switch version patch is released

The patch was released on May, 24 with the following changes:

— Added shadows for objects and characters

— Improved overall performance and image quality

— Various bug fixes

Nintendo Switch version

The time-warping Hack ’n’ Slash action adventure featuring fast-paced combat with swords, firearms and magic, will be available on Nintendo Switch on May, 17th. It is based on Gaijin Entertainment’s PC version of the game, which is still a fan-favorite with many and currently enjoys 86% positive reviews on Steam alone. Now, old and new fans alike can enjoy Blades of Time not only on their desktop computers, but also mobile, on their way to work, at school or anywhere else.

The game’s Switch remake features many improvements over the PC version, including a completely reworked controls scheme specifically created for the console.

In the revamped multiplayer mode, players can engage in action-packed MOBA combat leading hordes of NPC monsters against the armies of other players.

New patch is available!

List of changes:

— Enabled Steam Cloud service
— Entry and quick exit out of leaderboards
— No more crashes on some built-in sound cards (in the auto mode, not stereo)
— Slow internet connection doesn't affect multiplayer mode
— Enabled mouse invertion Y
— No more restriction in 30 FPS is placed in the menu (it is placed in cutscenes)
— Fixed an incorrect cast of ability in combat (with the help of mouse and keyboard)
— Fixed saving options in the menu

Fresh Press on the game

Being an adventure fanatic, Blades of Time has been the only game as of recently to spark my interest. (c)

We gave the game a rating of 8 out of 10, so good job guys! We have been very positively surprised and impressed by the game, it looked very interesting and fast-paced (maybe just a bit too linear). We appreciated very much the Time rewind mechanic and the puzzles based on it. (c)

Features section designs, especially the main characters — Ayumi modeling, modeling of the enemy — they look extremely beautiful. Very beautiful location designs, one can see — every room is different. (c)

Blades of Time: Demo-version

Information for all fans of Blades of Time! Demo-version of the game can be downloaded HERE — hurry up to try it!

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